I.T. Support Services Southern Utah

Surveillance, CCTV, and Security Systems

You only have two eyes, but with a video surveillance system from St. George ProTechnology, you can have many more. Keep a close eye on goings-on with crystal clear high definition video that takes up-to-date footage that is easy to store and access from anywhere, while also providing plenty of features for a flexible configuration…
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Racks and Data Cabling

Cabling is vital in the modern office, acting as a highway network for your data transfer between workstations and more. It cannot be understated how important a reliable network is for maximized productivity! It’s an office tool nobody misses—until the second something goes wrong and productivity grinds to a halt. Our structured wiring and cable…
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Remote Monitoring and Support

It’s a modern day mistaken belief that you need a full IT Department on your payroll. That might have been true a couple of decades ago, but nowadays remote support from a highly qualified and professional technology support organization is just as effective… and a lot more affordable. Our remote support team is the dependable…
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With IT, things can go wrong all the time. It’s a simple fact of life, and as technology continues to develop and get more complex, issues crop up all the time. With St. George ProTechnology, we offer a 24/7 helpdesk to troubleshoot your issues over the phone with our remote desktop software, or in person…
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Backup and Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes you need to be prepared Imagine the terrible consequences if all your data disappeared overnight! The statistics are revealing: 43% of American businesses who faced this exact situation never re-open, and a further 29% close in the next two years. St. George ProTechnology’s backup and disaster recovery solutions eliminate this risk and ensure…
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Wireless internet is no longer a luxury but an essential St. George ProTechnology can install WiFi solutions for every size of business in Southern Utah and manage your network, ensuring it is running smoothly at all times—and getting it back online as quickly as possible when it crashes to a halt. We also take care…
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